Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) division is an indispensable element of the State Treasurer's Office operations.  Human Resources interacts with countless facets of the Office's most valuable asset - its people.  The division spearheads personnel management via recruitment, classification and compensation, benefits administration, employee relations, personnel database management, pension and supplemental retirement benefits, performance evaluation, leave accounting, and staff development.  The division provides interpretation and guidance on State personnel laws, policies and procedures, as well as office policies and guidelines.  In addition, the division is also responsible for overseeing compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, and interacts with the agency's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Officer to ensure a safe, fair and equal work environment for everyone.  As the State and the employment arena continue to change, Human Resources must also evolve to identify and implement best practices in order to attract and retain a complimentary workforce to carry out the Constitutional and Statutory functions of the Office.  HR staff endorse the model of civil service, and are dedicated to maintaining integrity and providing valuable services which have become the hallmark of the State Treasurer's Office.

As of June 30,2022, the State Treasurer's Office retained 60 permanent positions which are allocated as follows:

  • Budget & Financial Administration Division - 5
  • Debt Management Division - 4
  • Executive Division - 7
  • Information Technology Division - 8
  • Insurance Division - 13
  • Legal Division - 4
  • Operations Division - 4
  • Treasury Management Division - 15