Agency Disaster Response and Claims Reporting Guidelines

When disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc., cause damage to State-owned property, State agency personnel may contact the Insurance Division for assistance. On weekends and holidays, agency personnel may call 410-271-0312 to speak to an Insurance Division professional. At all other times, agency personnel may call 410-260-7684 or 800-942-0162. Our Insurance Division professionals have the resources, through our insurance brokers, to quickly respond to catastrophes and to help State agencies with property restoration or replacement, loss mitigation, structural engineering analysis, and a host of other services.

In the event of a disaster, the Insurance Division recommends that agency personnel take the following steps:

  • Take immediate action to minimize the damage.
  • Protect undamaged property from loss.
  • Restore fire protection.
  • Take photographs of the damage as soon as possible. It is particularly important to document building or structure damage.
  • Appoint one person to represent your agency with the claims adjuster.
  • Set up clear lines of communication with the claims adjuster and ensure that all personnel understand the functions of the claims adjuster, experts, brokers, etc.
  • Identify temporary measures needed to resume operations and the associated extraordinary expenses that are incurred.
  • Implement a means of capturing all expenses.
  • Consult contractors for an initial estimate of the scope and cost of repairs.
  • Define plans as to reopening the location and under what conditions.

Property Loss Report form

The Property Loss Report form and other helpful links are available on our website. To obtain the Property Loss Report form, click on the link and download the Property Loss Report form. Complete the form and submit it to our office by fax or mail within 60 days of the date of loss.

For more information or to answer any questions about these guidelines, please contact the Insurance Division at 410-260-7684.


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